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The Story!!

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The Story!!

Post  John Kenning on Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:14 pm

In the kingdom of Dhakron a long time ago in the middle ages there was a tale never recorded in any book. The tale of magic, and myth that is now lost. The story begins with a noble family outlawing magic and all of its practices. All magic beings, items, and practitioners are slain on sight. The noble family named has ensured the kingdom is free of magic. However a few magicians still live in this kingdom, having to watch themselves.

Meanwhile the magicians who escaped the great purge 10 years ago have established the kingdom of Arania, just a few hundred miles away. They thrived, all magical beings and magicians were welcome. It was a small kingdom, one that was established to take down the king of the old kingdom and restore freedom uniting the two kingdoms.

In this world how shall you live? Will you be a noble? An exterminator of all things magic? Will you be a peasant struggling to get by day to day? Or will you be brave enough to pick up your staff and fight the good fight!?
John Kenning

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