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Mage spells!

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Mage spells!

Post  John Kenning on Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:14 pm


Fuega-creates a large wide area fire

Agument- produces a large water whip that can be used for both attacking or reaching objects on high shelves

Thundera-calls down large quantities of lightning to strike their foes

Gaiaren- causes the earth to shake and rumble beneath their enemies feet. Can also come in handy when planting a garden.


Spectra-creates a shadowy version of the caster that can pick up solid objects and generally act as a decoy or extra set of hands.

Shawan - Trick your victim into thinking that they are in a house of mirrors.


Animuto-brings an inanimate object to life

Seguntro-temporarily imbues an object with the power to replicate itself (ie: money, clothing, etc)

Sogan - imbue a weapon with an element of your choosing.
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