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Aeris 'Saber' Lofalin

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Aeris 'Saber' Lofalin

Post  Aeris 'Saber' Lofalin on Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:10 pm


Aeris Saber Lofalin


☪இ The Basics இ☪

Name: Aeris ‘Saber’ Lofalin
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Character Class: Mage
Mage Class"


☪இ More Personal இ☪

Height: Height (5 ft 10 inches)
Physical Description: Can be a description above and beyond the image (optional)
Other Details:
Her shadow glaive can be used both offensively and defensively, producing a cloud of darkness for up to a quarter of a mile. Hidden around her neck is a necklace bearing the symbol of the Keepers; a crescent moon crossed with a sword. It marks her as the leader and gives her abilities a slight boost when she battles.


☪இ Digging a Little Deeper இ☪

Slightly cold and uncaring, at least at first glance, Saber is loyal only to herself and those in her guild. She does not suffer fools and sometimes projects an aura of apathy when listening to people talk. However, beneath her cold exterior lies a sensitive young woman who is afraid of getting hurt by people she cares about again. If you can break past her barriers, you will have a loyal and kind friend who will always stand by your side. She never backs down from her beliefs and will stand firm even in the face of defeat.
History: Saber grew up in the noble’s section of the Dhakron Kingdom. For the first few years of her life, she wanted for nothing. One day there was a fight, and her parents were killed by dark mages and ordinary commoners who believed that their magic was evil and needed to be eradicated. Fleeing for her life, she ended up in Blackwood Forest, which lay between the two kingdoms. She was only seven. From that day on, she remained in the forest, never leaving, as everything she could need was found inside her new home.

She found a large cave and made it her residence, eventually turning it into a guild for people like her, outcasts and those who felt they had no other place to go. They named it the Keepers Guild, and it was dedicated to protecting the balance between magical and nonmagical beings. Saber knew there had to be a balance, or there would be chaos. She didn’t agree with Dahkron’s no magic policy, but she was not quite in favor of Araina’s nearly all magical society either. To her, there needed to be a happy medium, and unfortunately as one person, she couldn’t accomplish this. So her goal became to keep Blackwood Forest neutral grounds, a place where any and all were welcome, provided they didn’t tip the balance. Even Dark Mages can travel through here with near impunity, as they provide the dark side to balance out the light. However, most light mages do not understand this, as they view evil as an unnecessary part of life.

Of course, sometimes the Keepers play pranks on those that enter their forest, or steal from the more wealthy visitors, but what can you expect from a guild of thieves and jacks of all trades? For now, they are content to keep things as they are, but will that change?
Additional Tidbits:
Leader of the Keepers Guild, elf, and thief. Watch your valuables around her.
Aeris 'Saber' Lofalin

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