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Classes of mages.

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Classes of mages.

Post  John Kenning on Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:37 pm

❇ Light Mage Classes ❇

Palarana - Light mages that have offensive spells as well as defensive and healing. They are the all around light mage. For the most part their spells focus on either fire or light. The sun being the greatest source of light in the world, their power is from the sun and they are physically adept as well as magically so.

Relana - Masters of the healing art typically associated with light magic. However a very few dark affiliated mages are masters in the healing art. However most spells in this class are light in nature focusing on healing mankind and enhancing peoples traits. Relana are very skilled in potions and they can make poison as well as healing antidotes

Paladins - These are the fighters of the light mages, they focus on physical enhancements as well as a slight amount of offensive light magic.

☪ Neutral Mage Classes ☪
Elemental – Masters of water, fire, thunder, and earth. They have purely elemental spells and are a happy medium between white magic and dark. They can cast healing spells unlike the Darkus. They are the perfect balanced class. However they are quite rare.

Rangers- Masters of nature, able to manipulate nature. They are masters of any spell that has to do with manipulating nature. They also have the ability to tame wild animals as well as cast weather spells. They are one with nature and one with the earth**

Illusionari - Masters of illusionary magic and trickery. Their spells are strongly based in able to create illusions and visions. Due to this their spells are better defense than offense and they typically rely on their natural affinity for charisma magic to win others over to their side in times of battle.

Echantra - Masters of enchanting and casting enhancement spells. They excel at creating magical artifacts. They can cast area enchantments as well as magical barriers. Mostly these people are high priests of the old religion. Hence, enchanters are rare.

☠Dark Mage Classes☠
Darkus – Dark mages, these are the magicians that manipulate feelings, and engage in blood magic. They have very powerful dark spells which usually require a sacrifice of some sort. They are capable of alchemy as well as many thunder spells. Dark mages are incredibly evil and their magic is a result of worshiping one of the dark Gods of the old Religion.

Necromancers - Necromancers raise skeletons from the dead to serve as their bodyguards. Their spells are focused on raising their minions and strengthening them through enchantments.

Necronamin - The brute form of a necromancer, they raise the dead but rather than enchanting their partners typically they use the dead for their own enchancement. They have less spells but are more physically capable.
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